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Tap into a global real estate audience looking to buy or rent Puerto Rico real estate.

We intend to make Search Puerto Rico Real Estate the top source for listings in Puerto Rico to enable visitors to search multiple types of property listings By Location, By Agent, By Owner and By Builder.

You can also search properties within Puerto Rico Opportunity Zones.

We will be marketing these  properties to Qualified Opportunity Funds.

How To Add A Property

New To Us? Before you can add a property, you must create a Profile Account and then select a listing membership (most memberships are Free). Please read about Registration and How to Create your Profile in our FAQs.

This account will be used to manage all  your listings, add new property listings and to
update existing listings and view listing activity.


Before you are can add a property you need to select a Listing Membership.

  1. To select a Membership click on your Profile tab,
  2. Scroll down and under “Update Membership” select the desired Membership from the available memberships.
  3. Select Recurring Membership,
  4. Hit Subscribe. Once you hit subscribe your Profile will show the selected Membership under Your Current Membership. You can now submit your property.


  1. Free Memberships are good for three months. To renew, simply email us with any change in price or other changes to the property. Please make a note of the expiry date in your calendar.
  2. If the property is sold or rented before the expiry date, you need to email us to notify property has sold or rented.  We will not tolerate “bait and switch” tactics with sold or rented properties.
  3. To list additional properties simply Cancel your Current Membership ( under your Profile) and repeat the above steps. Do not worry, your previously submitted property(s) will not be cancelled.

Want More Exposure and Leads?

The following properties will be included in the Featured Properties page of Search Puerto Rico Real Estate and advertised in Puerto Rico Real Estate News :

Luxurious Residential Homes*.

Luxurious Vacation Homes*.

New Residential Developments.

New Commercial Developments.

Featured Commercial Properties.

Get more exposure and more leads when you advertise your property or properties  for only $10.00 per month.

No contract, Cancel Anytime.

Simply select the Membership from the drop-down menu under Update Memberships.

These Memberships will renew automatically by selecting Recurring Membership and paid automatically through PayPal by clicking on “Check out with PayPal”.

Once your payment has been successfully processed by PayPal you will be taken back to your Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Under Your Current Membership it will show that you have one (1) property to submit. You can now submit your property.

To cancel any of these properties (Membership) simply go to your PayPal account and cancel the membership. We will be notified of the cancellation.

* Properties added under the For Sale Luxury Memberships must be luxury properties with quality photos. Properties added under For Sale Residential New Development Membership must be new properties.

All Listing Memberships including Free include “instant messaging” for buyers to contact you up to 12 property images and a video.

Again, to view all Memberships, after you register, go to your Profile and scroll down to Available Memberships.

Submit A Property – it’s easy and hassle-free!

Once you have read the instructions on submitting a property go to Submit Property (top menu bar) and start adding the information on your property following our instructions . Once you finish click Save Changes.

If you need to edit your listing go to My Properties (Home Page-top menu bar) click and look for the pencil to edit. Edit as desired and Save Changes.

All properties will be in a Pending Status until reviewed by a Site Administrator. Should we believe it needs some type of edit we will advise you via your email. Otherwise if all is good we will publish it! Its quite simple (if you follow the instructions). Once you add your first property all others will much easier to add!

You may list multiple properties. Simply select a Membership for each property you want to List. In this manner you may cancel individual properties after property closes and keep other properties listed.

Any questions Contact Us via Email

Listing Quality Summary

Only Real Estate Professionals (Agents) currently licensed by the Board of Brokers, Agents and Real Estate Companies-Department of State-Puerto Rico Government, Owners, Builders and Owners are authorized to submit real estate properties (List A Property).

a. Agents. Real Estate properties (regardless of the type) may only be advertised by the Agent (the “Agent”) who is the contracted exclusive listing Agent for such listing. Agents are not permitted to advertise “open listings” or “ok to advertise”.

b. Sold Properties must be cancelled from Available Properties as soon as they close. We will not tolerate “bait and switch” practices.

c. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) and For Rent by Owner (FRBO). Only the property owner may advertise a listing as a FSBO or FRBO.

d. For Sale by Builder or Developer and New Construction. Only a “duly authorized representative” of the builder or developer, or builder or developer themselves may advertise a listing as a By Builder or By Developer property.

e. Mobile and Manufactured Homes. All mobile and manufactured homes must include a deeded lot in order to be advertised on the Services. You may not advertise homes that require a land rental fee.

f. Businesses. All Advertised Business For Sale must include real estate. Businesses without real estate included will not be permitted to be listed.

Violators will be banned from advertising again.

We reserve the right to publish listings submitted based on the above terms and conditions.

Add A Property Instructions


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