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  2. Go To Advanced Search.
  3. Select Desired Search Fields.Select desired location under Countries. Note: We only list properties in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Quintana Roo, Virgin Islands (U.S.), British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Belize, Roatán and Cayman Islands. Select one of these.
  4. Hit Search and
  5. Name & Save the Search.
Advanced Search.

  1. Users need to select Yes under each Field in order for the Search to work. Do not select the Label.
  2. Will Users receive a notification on a Save Search with NO PROPERTIES matching the User’s Seach Parameters. Example: User searches for Beachfront properties in Belize and Search Results comes back with NO PROPERTIES. Can the User still Save this Search and receive notifications when Beachfront properties are added in Belize? YES!
  3. Click on Custom Field Name to reset and perform another Search.
  4. The save search will work only for new published properties, not edit.





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