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Easy To Use Interface For Adding Properties, Just Follow These Instructions.

(Enter all information in English. All information will then be automatically translated to Spanish)

1. Enter Property Title:

  • Keep title under 50 characters including spaces. Example: Income Property In Historic Old San Juan. Only price, area size, # bedrooms, # bathrooms and garages will display under the Property Display. No need to enter this information here. All other fields will display in Property Detail Page. Keep this in mind when entering the property title.

2. Property Description:

  • Enter only property highlights. Sell the sizzle not the steak. You want people to contact you for more information.  Details about the property are entered in Additional Details-See below. Do not add any images, media nor links here.

3. Type: 

  • Select Property type from drop-down menu. After you select the primary type of property you will be able to assign Subcategories under Features and Subcategories.

4. Status:

  • Select For Sale or For Rent from drop-down menu.

5. Location:

  • Select the city/town or neighborhood under the municipality from the drop-down menu. Do Not select the municipality.

6. Sale OR Rent Price:

  • Enter Sales price or rent in digits. No decimals, commas nor symbols. Example: 100000. In Price Postfix  if selling enter desired currency symbol such as USD or crypto currency symbol. If renting enter term such as monthly, weekly or daily.

7. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Area:

  • Enter number in digits.

8. Area Postfix Text:

  • Enter text. Example Sq.Ft.

9. Virtual Tour Video URL:

  • If your property has a virtual tour video it is recommended that you first upload the video on vimeo or youtube  and enter it’s URL in the Virtual Tour Video URL with related screen shot or property photo.

10. Add Property Images:

  • You can add up to 12 property images. Please add quality images. Select quality gallery images. Each image should have minimum width of 770px and minimum height of 386px.  You can mark an image as featured by clicking the star icon, otherwise first image will be considered featured image. Other than Luxury properties, we highlight properties based on images, thus submit quality images and your property will have a good opportunity to be highlighted.

11. Year Built.

12. Address: 

Enter Full Property Address. Example: 207 Calle Luna, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00901. If necessary, drag the google map pointer to correct location and then Hit Find Address. If your City/Town does not display in menu do not worry, just enter complete address with zip code in address box and we will add city/town when we review property.

13. Additional Details

In “Additional Details” you can add fields (Amenities) specific to your property. You can add as many as you want.  Simply add the Title and Value for each. Examples:

  1. You are listing a commercial property and want to add a Cap Rate of 10%: In Title enter Cap Rate and in Value enter 10%.
  2. You want to display 50 parking spaces: In Title enter Parking Spaces, In Value enter 50.
  3. You want to display First and Last month rent as a deposit: In Title enter Deposit, in Value enter First and Last.
  4. Property has a Spa: In Title enter Spa, in Value enter Yes.
  5. Property provides for Concierge Services: In Title enter Concierge Services, In Value enter Yes.
    All Info entered in Additional Details will display by itself under the property description.

14. Features and Subcategories:

  • Select from list.
  • If your property is one that qualifies as an Opportunity Zone property select  Opportunity Zone here.
  • If you would like a feature listed lets us know in “Message to Reviewer”.

15What to display in agent information box ?

What to display in agent information box?  

Follow these instruction:

  • Owners: If you are the owner of the property being submitted select My Profile Information. The subject property will be published with your Profile information as completed in your Profile. If you need to edit after published go to Profile.
  • Agents: If you are the agent of the property also select My Profile Information but then in the “Message to Reviewer Box”  enter your complete name (John Doe) and “I am the Agent for this property”. Once we review the property we will then create an Agent Profile and assign the property to you as the agent. Your agent profile will be attached to the property. 
  • Builders and Developers: Same as Agents-If you are the Builder or Developer of the property also select My Profile Information but then in the “Message to Reviewer Box”  enter your complete name (John Doe) and “I am the Builder/Developer for this property. Once we review the property we will then create a Builder/Developer Profile and assign the property to you. Remember to enter your company’s name in the Display Name field of your Profile.

Review, edit as needed, read Terms & Conditions, accept and hit Submit Property.

To Edit Property after submitting, go to My Properties top bar Home Page. Edit and Update.

Do not be afraid to submit a property, we will review and if we find something that needs correction or something that needs be added or improved we will edit before property is published. If you have a questions you can include it in “Message to Reviewer”.



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